The RICKSHAW Mission

Dedicated to the relentless pursuit of wines with elegance, purity, and sophistication at prices that rarely reflect these characteristics. RICKSHAW is true to its varietal character, steers clear of heavy handed tricks in the cellar and over delivers in every possible way.

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RICKSHAW is sourced across California from sustainable vineyards, enabling us to source from diverse appellations and craft the highest quality wine at the price possible.  The Chardonnay hails from cooler climate areas, but a touch of oak gives it a rich texture which brings the zippy acidity into natural balance.   Pinot Noir is a classic expression of the grape, also hailing from cooler climates with that California kiss of juicy fruit.  And finally, the Cabernet Sauvignon exhibits a beefier texture with plush weight and full throttle flavors.

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Crafting good value California Chardonnay in a style and at a quality level that satisfies our picky drinking habits is one of the hardest things we do each year. That’s why we feel incredibly proud of our 2014 RICKSHAW Chardonnay.

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Over the past few years we’ve consistently added to our rolodex of sources for high quality Pinot Noir. We are now working with somebody somewhere, in nearly every California AVA where good Pinot Noir is made, to source parcels that are true to Pinot Noir’s beguiling nature.

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Our Cabernet Sauvignon is weaved together from different lots selected for cooperage, oak age, vineyards, and vineyard blocks including Napa Valley, Paso Robles, and Sonoma County  Cabernet Sauvignon with the support of other Bordeaux varietals to make it just so.

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can i buy RICKSHAW at my favorite local wine shop?

well, we certainly hope so.  we distribute to most states in the US and it is awfully hard for us to keep track of the retail/restaurant nearest to you serving RICKSHAW.  however – our distributor in your state may be better equipped to answer that question.